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Finally! No betas! Flash and Kinect using the version 1 SDK

Sunday, February 19th, 2012

Out of all the articles and tutorials I've written, by far the most popular have been the Flash and Kinect pieces. Since the February 1st release of the version 1 Kinect SDK, I've gotten quite a few questions about how to get Flash working with Kinect again. Many readers were having trouble with the old tutorials which no longer work as they were based on the beta release of the SDK. I decided to take a break from my current project this weekend and throw together a quick Kinect to Flash demonstration with the new SDK. This isn't a tutorial, but you can download the source files and see how it was made! (more…)

Full body tracking with Kinect and Flash

Sunday, September 18th, 2011

With the Jury Duty app complete, I have been spending more time with Flash and Kinect again. Here's another demo video of what I've been working on. It pretty much just expands upon the previous hand tracking demo and tracks a user's head, torso, hands and feet. Cool stuff!


Tutorial: Socket server with Flash and Node.js

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

Programming with sockets seems to be an intimidating venture for many developers. However, with AS 3 and Node.js, it really isn’t too difficult. In this tutorial you will set up a simple socket server using Node.js and connect to it with a Flash-based client. When the project is complete, you’ll be able to see data being transmitted from Flash to the server and back to Flash again - Booyah!

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