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Tutorial: Socket server with Flash and Node.js

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

Programming with sockets seems to be an intimidating venture for many developers. However, with AS 3 and Node.js, it really isn’t too difficult. In this tutorial you will set up a simple socket server using Node.js and connect to it with a Flash-based client. When the project is complete, you’ll be able to see data being transmitted from Flash to the server and back to Flash again - Booyah!

ActionScript 3.0: Screaming fast for loops

Saturday, May 14th, 2011

In the last post, I wrote about what I think is a better structure for while loops. Today, it’s all about for loops and demonstrating how the little things can go a long way in improving loop performance in your applications. (more…)

Basics of jumping with ActionScript 3.0

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

When it comes to creating games with Flash, one problem seems to come up a lot: jumping. Giving the player the ability to jump can greatly enhance gameplay, but it does present its own set of challenges. How do you get the action to feel natural? How do you prevent the player from jumping again once they’re already in the air? How do you determine when the character has hit the ground? All of these are valid questions and I thought I’d share the way I handle jumping in games. Note that sample files are provided as well. (more…)

How to compile for Flash Player 10.2 with Flash CS5

Monday, April 4th, 2011

This post is for people who are using Flash Professional CS5 that want to make use of all the cool new features in Flash Player 10.2. Sure, you can use Flash Builder and the latest Flex SDK to do it, but currently there's no officially supported way of doing it with Flash Professional CS5. There is, however, a work around that I'd like to share! (more…)

Application Domain and Flash Error #1034: Type Coercion Failed

Friday, January 28th, 2011

This is turning into a pretty good week. The other day I got Chrome to use the debug Flash Player and today I've solved a problem to an issue that doesn't creep up too often, but when it does, it can be nearly impossible for a beginner to work through. (more…)

How to use JSFL to Extend Flash

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

Lately at work, I've been using JSFL for creating custom Flash CS4 extensions. It can be hard to find decent information on JSFL, so I figured I'd start doing some blog posts about it to help others. This one is pretty simple, but I do plan on doing several more on this topic in the near future; so stay tuned! (more…)

Embedding Flash Content with SWFObject

Monday, April 5th, 2010

SWFObject is one of the most popular ways to embed flash files in an HTML page these days. SWFObject takes away a lot of potential headaches with cross browser compatibility and offers a pretty nice and easy to use package for developers. SWFObject allows you to easily specify parameters for your flash movie and also makes passing in variables a breeze. The newest version as of this writing (2.2) brings with it a few great new features including access to the user agent through the swfobject javascript object and the ability to add a callback function that is triggered once the swf has been embedded. The goal of this tutorial is to introduce you to SWFObject and take you through the process of embedding a Flash file step by step so that you can utilize this powerful tool on your own with future projects. (more…)

Tutorial: Creating Effects with Perlin Noise

Saturday, March 20th, 2010

The BitmapData class in ActionScript 3 has a curious function named perlinNoise. This method will produce a pseudo-random image that works great for creating various effects for water, fire and clouds. (more…)

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