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File Loading Bug with Google Chrome (Flash Pepper API)

Thursday, July 24th, 2014

Apparently this has been an issue for a long while now, but I only came across it today. Google's custom Flash Pepper API has issues loading local files. I just wanted to throw this out there in case someone else runs into this issue and is at a loss (as I was).

Here's the deal: if you have a swf file that loads external files (images, other swfs, etc) and attempt to run it in Chrome on your local machine, the files may not load. Below are two screenshots showing this in action. Note that in Firefox, the image loads. In Chrome we just get the black swf background. Boo!

It is worth noting that this only happens when testing locally; everything works fine on a server. It seems that the Pepper API doesn't respect the global Flash Player settings for trusted locations. You can read more about the bug here.

Text Formatting (Italics, Bold) Bug and Solution in Flash Pro CC

Monday, July 7th, 2014

I recently worked on a project that required formatted text (italics) to be read in from a file and placed into a textfield that was using an embedded font. "No problem," I thought, "I can just use the htmlText attribute." Well, it turns out that isn't the case. Flash Pro CC seems to have trouble handling italics/bold when compared to Flash CS6. To demonstrate this, let's take a look at a very simple .fla file.

ANE Builder Batch File

Friday, January 10th, 2014

Here's a simple batch file I created which will save you some time (and typing) when building AIR native extensions. Just plug in the proper paths for all the variables and you'll be good to go. Two options: download the file or copy and paste from the second link.

Download aneBuild.bat

Click, Copy, Paste

Create Projector Workaround

Saturday, August 31st, 2013

Quick tip today: I've been working mostly in AIR for a while now so I didn't realize the publish to projector option no longer exists in Flash CC. Also, the option to create a projector is disabled in stand alone versions of the more recent flash players. There is a workaround, though perhaps not ideal, you can just download an earlier version of the player and the option will be available to you. You can download various versions from Adobe here.

Get Android Studio Up and Running

Friday, May 17th, 2013

Earlier this week, Google announced a new IDE for Android development: Android Studio. They released an early build that developers can download and start using today. Based on IntelliJ, Android Studio aims to simplify the standard development process for Android which currently is rather convoluted and utilizes Eclipse. I've never been particularly fond of the Eclipse IDE, so this was definitely good news for me. I was excited to try out Android Studio, but found it was a bit frustrating to get up and running. I decided to collect all the issues I faced and the solutions and post them here in a mini-guide in hopes that it may save others a few headaches. (more…)

Flash: Direct Memory Access via Native Extension

Sunday, April 28th, 2013

A couple weeks before the Flash Gaming Summit I found an interesting blog post from Colin Northway about managing texture memory in Starling applications. In this post he describes how he forces an error in ActionScript to receive an object's memory address which he then uses as a unique id. I thought this was a pretty cool trick and was discussing it with our engine developer at the office when we suddenly had a thought: if you can get the memory address of an object in ActionScript, what's to stop you from passing that address into native code and doing whatever you want with it? (more…)

Getting the Nook HD+ Recognized by ADB

Sunday, March 17th, 2013

I recently picked up a Nook HD+, primarily for app development. Typically, I use the excellent FlashDevelop for my projects, but after running through the set up on the Nook developer site, I was still unable to get the ADB (Android Debug Bridge) to recognize the device. As such, my Android project in FD wasn't able to deploy to the Nook. It's taken me several hours to figure this out so I thought I'd post some helpful links in case anyone else is having issues getting their Nook device recognized by ADB. I can't say that this will help in all situations, but this solved the issue for me with the Nook HD+ on Windows 8 (64 bit). (more…)

Axel Exporter Plugin for Mappy

Monday, August 20th, 2012

I've recently been toying around with the Axel Game Library ( I'm really liking the library so far as it is based on Flixel, but also utilizes hardware rendering. This means you get better performance and is especially nice for mobile devices.

Fix for Ground – Bullet Collision Bug in Flixel

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

A few friends and I have been working on a game together for the last few weeks. Everything was going well at first, but then we ran into a major snag: bullets were colliding with the ground when they clearly shouldn't have been. We are using Flixel and FlxWeapon from the Flixel Power Tools and we would see the issue pop up only on uneven terrain. If we changed our map to a basic, flat piece then everything worked as expected. However, introducing varying height platforms in the map would cause the issue. The image below demonstrates the problem.


7 tips for being a better, more efficient programmer

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

I've been talking recently about working a shorter, more efficient work week and wanted to share some of the things that I've learned over the years that help make it possible. Below are seven tips that will boost your productivity at work and help you avoid headaches at home. (more…)

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