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Well, I'm not dead, but I have been MIA here for quite some time. Without going into too much detail, the last few months I've been very busy and haven't had as much time for personal projects as I would like. Luckily this last weekend I had some free time and found a problem to solve.

I wanted to stream some mkv files to my television via the PS4 or Xbox One, but the files contained dual audio tracks and subtitles which present a problem on Xbox One. As such, I needed a way to stream files to the PS4 and I came across the Plex media server. Plex is great. Using it in conjunction with the PS4 web browser provides a relatively simple way to enjoy your media content on the big screen in the house.

Reading up on Plex, it seems most people recommend naming your media according to the XBMC naming conventions. If you have a decent sized media library, this step can be a real pain. It is especially tedious when dealing with television shows where you may end up with many episodes to rename. This is where the MediaNamer program comes in handy.

MediaNamer is a simple command line-based program that takes in three parameters: the path to the media to rename, the show title, and the season number. MediaNamer is windows only and was written with C# and the .Net 4.5 framework.

You can download it below or check it out on github.

I'm pretty happy with how simple the code is and how quickly it came together. Of course, the real treat is that its a huge time saver! I hope you enjoy it.

Download MediaNamer

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