Video Tutorial: Intro to Away3D

In this tutorial you will learn how to set up a basic, 3D scene using Away3D. You will load and display terrain, a skybox, an animated 3D model and add user controls for the character and the camera from a 3rd person perspective. Full source code is also available here.

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4 Responses to “Video Tutorial: Intro to Away3D”

  1. YopSolo says:

    thx for this tut !

    addtional tip with FD you can embed stuff with right click on your asset and choose generate in the context menu.

  2. Amer says:

    Great tutorial, Thanks
    but is it a part of tutorials series?

  3. Rhuno says:

    It isn’t part of a series, but I do have a follow up planned that includes dynamic terrain following.

  4. Liudas says:

    Really good tutorial.
    Away 3d is seriously lacki9ng basic stuff tutorial like this.(for working game bits)
    Even you didnt say about mobile ,but this part of code with small adjustments works great on mobile too :D.

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