Getting the Nook HD+ Recognized by ADB

I recently picked up a Nook HD+, primarily for app development. Typically, I use the excellent FlashDevelop for my projects, but after running through the set up on the Nook developer site, I was still unable to get the ADB (Android Debug Bridge) to recognize the device. As such, my Android project in FD wasn't able to deploy to the Nook. It's taken me several hours to figure this out so I thought I'd post some helpful links in case anyone else is having issues getting their Nook device recognized by ADB. I can't say that this will help in all situations, but this solved the issue for me with the Nook HD+ on Windows 8 (64 bit).

First and foremost, make sure you read over the Nook Developer Start Up Guide. It will guide you through the process of getting the proper Android SDK stuff set up on your machine. I stopped after the "Set the PATH Variable" section as I do not use Eclipse for development. Once you do all that, you may find that everything works for you. You can test this by opening a Windows command prompt, navigating to the Android SDK platform tools directory and issuing the following command: adb devices. That will display a list of all the connected devices the ADB can recognize. For reference, the path on my machine is: C:\Development\Android SDK\platform-tools. It will probably be different on yours though.

If you run the adb devices command and the list comes up empty then your Nook is not being detected properly. To fix this, I downloaded the usb drivers here (I had a hard time locating them). But simply downloading them isn't enough. By default, Windows won't let you install them. Before you can install them, you must disable the driver signature enforcement on Windows. You can find out how to that here.

After doing this, you can follow along the example in the last link to find your device in the Device Manager and manually install the drivers. Once done, you should be able to run the adb devices command and your Nook device should now be listed. You can also check the Device Manager to see if it shows up. On mine, it's listed under Portabled Devices as MyNOOK, but also as an Android Phone as Android Composite ADB Interface. It was quite a process, but now I've got my mobile project running on the Nook HD+ and it looks great! Hopefully this will help other developers experiencing Nook connection issues as well.

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5 Responses to “Getting the Nook HD+ Recognized by ADB”

  1. gogen says:

    I had the same problem on Mac OS X and my problem was missing USB Vendor ID in adb_usb.ini. So I am leaving this note for the other desperate hobbyists.

    How to solve problem

    List of vendor IDs

  2. Rhuno says:

    Nice, thanks for sharing!

  3. Ian says:


    I have my Nook HD recognising the device and can run adb install to install the app but I can’t find where it shows up on my Nook – the app isn’t listed in the apps section and a search of the Nook reveals no app with the name I installed it under. Am I missing something??



  4. Ian says:

    Ok – figured out where your apps are located batter install – see point 18 of this post:
    Thanks for a great post by the way!

  5. Daniel W. says:

    Thanks for the shout out Ian! I run and I really appreciate the link!

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