WebRTC Tutorial Update

One of the more popular tutorials on the site is the one on webRTC with HTML5 and Javascript. However, the problem with creating tutorials for cutting edge technology such as webRTC is that the specification is constantly changing. Recent updates to the webRTC spec made the tutorial inaccurate. Today I went back and updated it so that it works with the new specification. Check it out if you haven't tried it yet!

Tutorial: WebRTC with HTML5 and Javascript

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2 Responses to “WebRTC Tutorial Update”

  1. Pandu says:

    Hey, I downloaded Notepad++ but it doesn’t show commtnes small and in another color. How come? Is this something I gotta edit myself, or is it exclusive to some versions of it?- JL

  2. Rhuno says:

    By default I don’t believe it makes the comments on any smaller and I don’t know where you would change that, but it should make them green. Make sure you’ve selected a language from the menu and that you are using the proper comment syntax for that language. For instance, a JS style comment // or /* will not change color if the document is an HMTL page.

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