Flash + Kinect = Success!

If you've read my previous posts then you know I have been working with Microsoft's Kinect SDK for Windows. One of my goals from the start was to integrate Kinect with Flash and earlier this week I was successful in doing just that! I used a technique similar to what the Blitz Agency had done when the Prime Sense Kinect drivers were released earlier this year.

The concept is pretty simple: Kinect tracks the user's hand, sends the position data to a server and that server sends the data to Flash. I started by writing a very simple server with Node.js and then modified the skeletal tracking demo from the channel9 site to send data to the server using a standard socket. The only thing left to do then was set up an swf file to accept data from the server and use that data to move around a cursor. I'll post something more in-depth on this later, but for now you can check out the video below to see it in action!

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2 Responses to “Flash + Kinect = Success!”

  1. emrah says:

    Hi great job! I am trying to develop animations flash and kinect. can you share the codes please :)

  2. Rhuno says:

    Hi, Emrah, and thanks! I did post a tutorial on this which includes the code. You can find it here:


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