ExternalInterface Bug in IE 9 Beta – Update

I decided to take the IE 9 beta for a spin a few months back and discovered something most unpleasant: ExternalInterface calls are busted by Microsoft's new browser. I realize that IE 9 is still in beta, but this bug has been present for months and MS hasn't released any new updates for the browser to address it.

I set up a demonstration page for this here. The demo has Flash attempting to use ExternalInterface calls to get data back from JavaScript. It attempts to get the data in two different ways. First it calls out to a simple JS function that simply returns a string to Flash. The second method utilizes a callback method that was registered with ExternalInterface.addCallback. Both methods are successful in every browser I have tested except the IE 9 beta.

The problem isn't coming from the Flash side. You can see by using the IE 9 developer tools that Flash does make the call to JavaScript successfully. However, the JS methods are not sending data back to Flash. This will be a huge issue for some developers if IE 9 is released with this bug and with some estimating the release to be as soon as this Spring, it is entirely likely that will be the case. I have posted a question about the issue in the Adobe Flash Player forums and also sent Microsoft an email, but so far neither has gotten me any real answers. Hopefully this issue gets resolved before the official launch; I'll post additional information as I find it.

For the record, below is the list of browsers I have tested ExternalInterface functionality with.

IE9 beta - Fail
IE8 - Pass
Chrome - Pass
Opera - Pass
FireFox - Pass
Safari - Pass

I posted about this in the forums at actionscript.org and with the help of the community there was able to determine that this problem is not happening on all PC's. One user, tadster, was using Windows Vista and noted that the bug was not present. So for now it appears it may be exclusive to Windows 7, though I haven't tried other operating systems yet.

Update 2 : 2-13-2011
Microsoft has announced the first release candidate for IE 9 and I'm relieved to say that this version does indeed fix the JavaScript issue with Flash. You can grab the IE9 RC1 right here.

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  1. Manoj says:

    I do have Vista 32 bit andWindows 7 32 bit as well. But it is not working on any of the systems.

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